Step 1: Schedule us to come run a Telos Parish Workshop at your parish

In order to be a part of this Telos Gamma cohort, your parish must participate in our Telos Parish Workshop which will help energize your entire parish around the important work ahead. Read more about the workshop below. 

This workshop must be scheduled by the time you submit your application and it must take place by August 15th

Contact Telos Gamma Director, Anna Kallis to schedule: 


The workshop:

  • The Telos Parish Workshop is a 3-hour workshop inviting your parishioners to reflect on what is unique and wonderful about your parish and imagine together how the parish can become a home where young adults thrive.
  • Simply put, this is an awesome formative event—it reminds parishioners why they love their parish and inspires them for why ministry with and for young adults is important. 

What you and your parish need to do: 

  • Determine what could work for your parish to host a 3-hour block of time for the workshop; this can be on an evening or a weekend morning/afternoon, whenever you think would make the most sense for your community
  • Reach out to us and we will work with your priest to adapt the workshop specifically for your parish and determine the best workshop leader(s) to lead the event
  • Determine related details:
    • Depending on time of day, a meal or hearty snacks might be a nice addition to the community experience
    • Depending on the demographics of the people who would attend, determine if childcare for parents attending is possible/desirable
  • Invite your parishioners; reach out to assure key leaders in your parish are present
  • Promote the workshop; you make the flyers but we can give you templates!
  • Provide a mechanism for RSVPs; it is important that workshop leaders are provided an estimate of how many will attend
  • Set up a room to gather in where participants can be seated at round tables facing each other

What we provide: 

  • Trained facilitators to run the entire workshop
  • All materials—workshop leaders will bring all supplies with them

Step 2: Assemble a team

  1. Brainstorm who in your parish would…
    1. love being a part of ministry for and with young adults—including young adults themselves!
    2. be excited to put in volunteer time towards this work—ie, plan and participate in meetings, get to know young adults in your community, help design and implement ministry, and be a part of a cohort and learning community working together to figure out how to best minister to young adults.
    3. have a diverse range of skills as a team—ie, it would be useful if your team members had a variety of backgrounds/skills, such as event planning, networking, finance, social media.
  2. To apply, your team must include
    1. Head Parish Priest (your priest may serve as an advisor and does not necessarily need to be present at all meetings, but each team must have their parish priest on the team in some capacity and the priest must write a letter of support).
    2. Young Adults (ideal to have several, but each team must have at least two young adults between ages of 23–29).
    3. Parish council member (every team must have at least one parish council liaison who is not a Young Adult).
    4. 1–4 additional community members (we recommend your team have no more than 7 total members). These might be community members who are just beyond their young adult years who want to give back or they might be older adults who care deeply about doing ministry with and for young adults.
  3. Reach out to these people, discuss the project, and solidify your team.
  4. Schedule a meeting to discuss the project and application process.

    Step 3: Host pre-application meeting with team

    1. Your objective for this meeting should be to assess if you’ve got enough team energy to apply to be a Telos Gamma parish, and then to set a timeline for pulling the application together.
    2. Begin the meeting by taking time for everyone to journal and share their responses to the prompts on the “Individual Team Member Questionnaire” (one of the application forms linked to this page)
    3. Next, discuss the prompts found on the “Team Vision Statement” (the other application form linked to this page)
    4. Review the Telos Timeline on the main Telos Gamma page to get a better sense of what this commitment will entail.
    5. Decide as a group: do you want to apply to be a Telos Gamma parish?
      1. If no, discuss: what DO you want to do? Use the group energy to figure out what does make sense for your particular context!
      2. If yes, next steps will be:
        1. Appoint a Key Contact, this person will be the main point of contact with Telos Gamma staff.
        2. Questions? Collect any questions the group may have, and have your key contact reach out to the Telos Gamma Director, Anna Kallis, for clarification (
        3. Tasks and deadlines! Review the application requirements and determine who is responsible for what. Key contact should make sure all elements of the application are gathered and submitted by June 2.

    Step 4: Submit application by June 2

    Application components:

    1.  Letter of Support from parish head priest
    2. Team Vision Statement 
    3. Individual Team Member Questionnaires (each team member must complete their own)

    Your Key Contact should gather all components above and submit them with this form.

    Applications are due June 2, 2022

    If you have any questions during this process, feel free to contact our director, Anna Kallis at:

    Download Forms Here: