The Telos 2023-2024 cycle has launched! Next application round opens Spring 2024. Prepare your parish for Telos by hosting a Telos Workshop!

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Apply to Be a Telos Parish!

Young Adult Ministry in Action

What is a Telos Parish?

Joining Telos is about having the support you need to become a community where young adults thrive. Each parish assembles a team of young adults and older adults who commit to learn together for a single year. Other than earmarking funds for their own young adult ministry, there is no cost to participating parishes.

Let’s Get Started

How to Apply to Join a Telos Cohort


1. Assemble a Team

Your Telos Team will be made up of members from your parish including young adults and others who seek to see young adult ministry thrive.

Brainstorm Who In Your Parish:
  • Are young adults who seek to have a strong young adult community.
  • Loves young adults!
  • Would be excited to volunteer for this work—ie, get to know young adults in your community, learn with others how best to minister to and with them, and help design and implement ministry.
  • Has skills that would help create a diverse team.
To Apply, Your Team Must Include:
  1. Parish Priest (your priest does not necessarily need to be present at all meetings, but he will need to advise the team in some capacity)
  2. Young Adults (ideal to have several, but each team must have at least two young adults between ages of 23–29)
  3. Parish council liaison
  4. 1–2 “Godparents” of your ministry (those who love young adults!); community members who commit to supporting and shepherding the young adults of this leadership team and future teams; these people commit to provide support, feedback, and access to institutional memory/parish history, while still letting the young adults take the lead
  5. We recommend your team have no more than 7 total members (not including your priest)

Downloadable Materials You Need


2. Meet With Your Team to Complete the Application Materials

Your objective for this meeting should be to complete the application materials. We have designed these materials to be reflective so that you can lean into this process, ground your team, and cast an inspiring vision for your work ahead!

Team Meeting
  1. Begin the meeting by taking time for everyone to fill out the provided questionnaire titled, “Individual Team Member Questionnaire” and share one reflection with the team
  2. Next, as a team, have a discussion using the prompts found in the “Team Vision Statement”
  3. Review key dates and time commitments and make sure at least two team members will be able to be present at each
  4. Appoint a key contact who will be responsible for the majority of the communications with Telos Coaches and Telos Leadership
  5. Key contact should review the application requirements and make sure all individual questionnaires and one team questionnaire are completed and submitted to Telos by Ascension (May 25th, 2023)
  6. Collect any questions the group may have as your key contact  should reach out to the Telos HQ (email us at

3. Everything in Order? Apply Now

Complete Application

Your Telos application will be completed through Form Assembly. Please go to to upload all needed documents:

  1. Priest Support Letter
  2. One copy of the Team Vision Questionnaire
  3. One copy from each team member of the Individual Questionnaire

Cohort applications are due by Ascension, (May 25) and acceptances are communicated by Pentecost (June 4).

Questions? Reach out at

What Happens Next?

The Telos 2023-2024 cycle has launched! Next application round opens Spring 2024. Prepare your parish for Telos by hosting a Telos Workshop!



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