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Why Telos?

Telos exists to help Orthodox young adults and parishes discover talents and cultivate these gifts to build up one another and grow in Christ together.

In The Beginning…

Our Story

We all know young adults who struggle to find their place in the Church. We all know of parishes that struggle to integrate young adults as full fledged members. But some young adults and parishes thrive together; what are they doing differently?

To answer this question, the Telos Project began as a five year research project in 2017, exploring how Orthodox young adults and parishes engage one another, hosted by Hellenic College Holy Cross. In collaboration with our original pilot parishes, we developed a process that helps Orthodox parishes learn, work, and grow together to make sure young adults know they are loved by God and welcomed in the Church.

Join us! Make your parish a vibrant home where young adults can offer their gifts and grow in Christ.

Telos Parishes

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The Telos Impact

How We Help

Study The Soil

Every group of young adults is different, every parish context unique. We have tools that will help you get to know and understand the needs and gifts of your community.

Actively Cultivate

Telos’ design thinking process will help your team develop ministry with and for young adults that will support them in using all their gifts and deepening their faith.

Maintain Seasonally

Refreshing your team, reflecting on ministry effectiveness, renewing your own knowledge through cohort learning—these Telos processes help keep your corner of the vineyard healthy.

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The Telos Impact

What We Believe

Excellent and effective young adult ministry is designed by young adults themselves

Parishes can be powerful places for young adults—providing belonging, community & meaning

Young adults have so many gifts and skills they want to offer parishes

Priests should not be expected to initiate and sustain young adult ministry by themselves

Parishioners eager to minister to young adults are more effective when they adopt certain frameworks and best practices

Investing in young adults is deeply rewarding—for young adults, for older adults, and for your parish as a whole

Young adults and parishes need one another for abundant life in Christ

The Telos Impact



Initial Grant awarded to the Office of Vocation & Ministry at Hellenic College Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology to pioneer the Telos Project


Telos Pilot collaborates with 12 parishes to develop an educational model in which small teams build relationships with young adults and design new ministry for and with them


Telos Gamma expansion of the Telos Project adds 8 more parishes


Second Grant awarded to CrossRoad Institute to expand and scale the Telos Project to 20 additional parishes a year


Telos expands to add parish workshops, expanded cohort spots, and published learnings further spread the Telos Project throughout the US and Canada

The Telos Impact

The Leadership Team

Ann Mitsakos Bezzerides, PhD

Ann Mitsakos Bezzerides, PhD


Ann has been active in youth and young adult ministry since 2003. She sees the Telos Project as an extraordinary opportunity to explore the faith development of an age demographic that has become her new passion as she follows the lives of CrossRoad alumni. The most exciting part of this project for her is that the real work will be done by people at the local parish level; she looks forward to many opportunities to learn from them!

Anna Kallis

Anna Kallis


Anna began her journey with CrossRoad as a participant in 2005; after a transformative experience at CrossRoad and subsequent alumni retreats, Anna was drawn to pursue ministry professionally. Anna earned her Masters of Divinity from Holy Cross School of Theology in 2013, emphasizing her studies in Religious Education and Youth Ministry. Anna has worked for CrossRoad Institute in many different capacities since 2011 including CrossRoad Summer Institute staff, Assistant Director and Co-Director, Telos Gamma Director, and Telos Operations.

Jenny Haddad Mosher, PhD

Jenny Haddad Mosher, PhD


Jenny has worked across Orthodox jurisdictions as a retreat leader, a teacher, a teacher trainer, and in curriculum development. She also served as a grant writer for Orthodox social service agencies from 2011–2017. She experiences the Telos Project as an incredible gift—a chance to reflect honestly and act productively, cultivating mutual love and fruitfulness across generations in all of our parishes.

Sarah Lumbard

Sarah Lumbard

Telos Project Administrator

Originally from Boulder, Colorado, with a Masters and doctoral work in Education. Sarah currently lives in North Carolina with her husband and two teenage daughters, attending All Saints Orthodox Church in Raleigh, NC where they work closely with the youth and young adult ministries there, as well as partner with her Presbystera to create and distribute preschool and early elementary Orthodox educational materials. She is passionate and committed to building ministries that support youth and young adults in their growth in the faith.

Telos Support

Senior Clergy Advisors

Fr. Peter Orfanakos

Fr. Peter Orfanakos

Father Peter Orfanakos has served as pastor of the St. Barbara Greek Orthodox Church in Orange, CT, since September 1996 and extensively in youth and young adult ministries on the local, Metropolis and Archdiocese levels since 1987.

Fr. David Smith

Fr. David Smith

Father David Smith has served in the Orthodox Church for over 30 years, and has been the priest of St. Sophia’s Greek Orthodox Church in Syracuse, NY, for the last decade.

What Happens Next?

Acceptance and Onboarding to the Telos Project
begins after Pentecost, June 4th, 2023.



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